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Watergum is one of Queensland's most dedicated environmental not-for-profits and supports of a vast network of community groups dedicated to restoring, maintaining and protecting our natural areas through real, tangible action. With plans to broaden their impact and reach, the organisation formerly known as the Gold Coast Catchment Association decided to pursue a more inclusive, recognisable brand that would help them achieve these goals. This included a new name, Watergum, and with it a unique symbol that serves as the perfect emblem for the association and its values. With a solid foundation established, we then took on the task of developing a new identity to capture this spirit of hands-on community engagement with a consistent, recognisable brand that unites a diverse collection of programs, projects and events.

Creative Director

Jazz Miller-Davis

Project Team

Josie Page
Connor Hinchliffe

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The Concept

Watergum’s message is clear: it’s about being a part of something real. So it was important that the brand be grounded in concepts that emphasise this statement. We started looking for cues in the environment around us: colours, textures and shapes that could define the identity. This led us to a rich palette of colour and imagery that forms the basis of the identity, providing both the diversity necessary to cover a broad range of projects, as well as a visual harmony that unites them together.

This new visual style and colour scheme extends throughout the programs to emphasise and bring consistency to the Watergum brand as a whole. Each project can choose a suitable ‘key colour’ that matches its subject and imagery. The result is a dynamic and flexible set of brand components that can be adapted to a diverse set of media. We also developed a new website theme to establish a strong online presence for the brand, and worked alongside the Watergum team to implement the design language across various social media channels.

In Summary

By introducing a fresh, strategic brand identity, we helped Watergum achieve their relaunch goals: to increase awareness, impact and reach, develop a stronger online presence and create a consistent tone of voice for the organisation. In short, a brand and message to be proud of and a very happy client.

Watergum engaged Ligature to design and implement our rebranding strategy. The process was much more than simply developing a new logo. Ligature sought to understand Watergum’s strategic objectives and to then design a rebranding package that reflected those objectives.  Ligature had the creative flair and technical skills to produce something exciting; the practicality to ensure that designs were simple, clear and replicable; and the business understanding to document a set of guidelines that ensured that the use of the brand in our website, social media, print and sub-brands always reinforced the core Watergum name.

Jazz and the Ligature team were also a pleasure to deal with. If you would like to reinvent the way you market your organisation, together with the guidance to ensure that the new brand is used properly, I would recommend talking with Ligature.

Wal Mayr
President, Watergum